Male and Female

In this picture you see two adult Elephants. A female on the left and a male in the right. Can you name two features in the picture which make it possible to identify them as male or female? Answers: 68 English: African Bush Elephant Latin (Scientific): Loxodonta africana German: Elefant isiZulu: iNdlovu Group name:…

Eurasian Eagle Owl

What do you think happened that my eyes are so wide open and all my feathers are standing up? Answers: 66 English: Eurasian Eagle Owl 🦉 Latin (Scientific): Bubo bubo German: Uhu isiZulu: iSikhova (Owl) Collective noun: An parliament of Owls Home area: Europe and Asia ICUN status: Least Concern

Red Panda

I am a Red Panda. Do you know where I live in the wild? Answers: 64 English: Red Panda Latin (Scientific): Ailurus fulgens German: Westlicher Kleiner Panda Collective noun: An Embarrassment of Panda ICUN status: Endangered

Panther Chameleon

I am Panther Chameleon. I move really slowly but my tongue shoots out very fast when I catch insects. I am known to change my colors from time to time. Do you know why I do that? Answers: Link in the profile 61 English: Panther Chameleon Latin (Scientific): Furcifer pardalis German: Pantherchamäleon isiZulu: uNwabu Collective…


Life is sometimes a bit tricky, especially when you are very small and you haven’t learned yet how to use your ‘four wheel drive’ to get up an embankment. But small is a relative term. How much do you think a baby Elephant weighs at birth? Remember, a Human baby is 7.5lbs / 3.5kg. Answers:…


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