68 Male and Female = Females foreheads have a ‘sharp edge’ where males’ foreheads are more rounded. An adult male Elephant is much bigger than a female (can be more than double the weight).

67 Insect Hunter = Little Bee-eater

66 Eurasian Eagle Owl = I was upset because a cat was walking by. I do not like cats!

65 Mr. Banana Beak = Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill

64 Red Panda = Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China

63 Rain bird = Burchell’s Coucal

62 A group of … = A journey or a tower of Giraffe

62 Details = From an Elephant: Ivory Tusk, Toe Nail, Foot Sole, Tail Hair

61 Panther Chameleon = Because of mood changes, it has nothing to do with my surroundings

60 Traction = ~95kg / 210lbs

59 Ears = too cool the blood in their veins and therefore too cool down their body

58 Wildebeest = (Brindled or Striped) Gnu

57 Bateleur = tightrope walker

56 Gemsbok = Southern Oryx

55 The Ugly Five = Wildebeest, Hyena, Warthog, Marabou Stork and Vulture

54 National Animal = South Africa

53 Aardvark = 70% of all mammals are nocturnal, 10% are crepuscular (morning/evening active) and only 20% are diurnal

52 Giraffe’s helpers = Red-billed Oxpeckers

51 A … of Giraffe = A Tower of Giraffe or a Journey of Giraffe

50 The Small Five = Antlion, Leopard Tortoise, Elephant Shrew, Red-billed Buffalo Weaver, Rhino Beetle

49 Greater Kudu = I do this so my horns appear to be even more impressive!

48 Climbing trees = Because Cheetah claws are not retractable and are therefore not very sharp. Climbing trees is very difficult once Cheetah have grown up.

47 Bird watching = Because where many birds are landing there could be potential prey (eg Oxpeckers landing in Buffalo) or there could be a ready made meal (eg Vultures landing on a carcass).

46 No horn … = The people on the reserve where I live cut it off for me, so I do not get hunted by people who want to kill me to get my horn! Thanks!

45 Nyala = My alarm call sounds like a barking dog.

44 In the puddle = The mud keeps me cool when it dries on my skin

43 Oxpeckers = We eat ticks and other parasites of the Buffalo

42 Like Micky Mouse = Wild Dog Puppies

41 A Lion’s Face = I am yawning

40 Special Spots = Rosettes

39 Dung Beetle = I eat dung of large animals like Elephants and Rhinos and I make dung balls to lay eggs inside.

38 Pearl-spotted Owlet = Mock eyes to confuse predators

37 Hippopotamus = up to 40kg (88lbs) per night

36 African Fish Eagle = Our iconic call, which is often called the sound of Africa!

35 Banded Mongoose = families or groups

34 Serval = As large as soup plates πŸ™‚

33 Baby Elephant = Because after I stop suckling milk from mum I must be able to use my trunk to eat and to drink.

32 White-backed Vulture = 2.2 Meters (7.2 Feet)

31 Chacma Baboon = We sleep in trees for safety

30 Lion Teeth = 30 adult teeth that are composed of 12 incisors, four canines, 10 premolars and 4 molars.

29 African Wattled Lapwing = Because I have two long yellow laps on my face which wattle a bit πŸ™‚

28 Hamerkop: Hamerkops build enormous nests up to 1.5m (~5ft) across

27 Leopard Tortoise = Ant Lion, Elephant Shrew, Rhino Beetle, Buffalo Weaver

26 Common Diadem Butterfly = Because the African Monarch is toxic. That way predators think I am toxic, too.

25 Amur Tiger = Nocturnal (active at night)

24 Cheetah: ~60mph or ~100km/h

23 Giraffe: Largest Land Mammal: African Elephant 🐘 | Largest Mammal on Earth: Blue Whale 🐳

22 Warthog = Too cool me down

21 Dwarf Mongoose = A Business of Mongoose

20 Gosling = Group of Geese = Gaggle

19 Impala Fawn = less than 30 minutes

18 Lion = 18-20 hours

17 Rooikat (Caracal) = 3 meters (10 feet)

16 Hyacinth Macaw = 50-60 years in the wild, even older in captivity

15 Peafowl = Peahen

14 Clouded Leopard = Asia

13 Baby Zebra = A Dazzle of Zebra

12 Cheetah Cubs = About 18 months

11 Burchell’s Coucal = Because it will be raining soon if you hear my call!

10 Black Rhinos = 55km/h or 35 mph

9 Elephant’s Trunk = I suck water into the trunk and then let the water run into my mouth!

8 Baby Giraffe = 1.8m | 6″

7 Leopard = I like to eat sitting up in a tree

6 Guinea Fowl = Up to 10km or 6 miles

5 Spotted Eagle Owl = Too see really well at night, when I am most active

4 Kingfisher = Little fish

3 Wild Puppy = early mornings and late afternoons (crepuscular)

2 Baby Lion = 3 months

1 Ostrich Chick = 75km/h = 45mph